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THE HOUSE OF SUH, Winner at the Hamptons International Film Festival!

We’re pleased to announce that THE HOUSE OF SUH was awarded the Investigation Discovery Award for Excellence in Journalism last night at the 2010 Hamptons International Film Festival! Big thanks to all the programmers and staff at the festival, especially David Nugent, Holly Herrick and Cullen Gallagher.

Gerry Kim - A graduate from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Gerry received his Master’s degree in Human Development and Psychology, focusing his studies on media psychology and adolescent development. He has worked on PBS programs such as Frontline (“The Age of AIDS”) and the Antiques Roadshow. Gerry served as Associate Producer for Race to Execution, produced and directed by Emmy Award winning filmmaker, Rachel Lyon. Gerry also recently worked at Antidote Films, an award winning New York based production company that has produced narrative and feature length documentary films. Mainly working in clearing archival rights and post production delivery, Gerry’s film credits from Antidote include Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired, Soul Power, The Dungeon Masters, and Bomb It.

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