The House of Suh - A good son is committed for life.

Hot Docs 2010 and website makeover!

What an honor it is to have The House of Suh world premiere at the 2010 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival! Held in Toronto, Hot Docs is North America’s largest documentary festival and we couldn’t be more excited to finally screen the film that our blood, sweat and tears have gone into making for the last four and a half years. (And by blood, sweat and tears, I mean that literally)

There have been so many who’ve supported us along the way, whether it be financially, with talent, or simply moral support. Words cannot express how grateful we are, but here is my feeble attempt:

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.

And please enjoy our new website! Be sure to visit often and keep up to date with our progress. We look forward to seeing you on the festival circuit!

Iris - Originally from Chicago, IL, Iris K. Shim graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2004 with a B.A. in Psychology. After a year long stint in Los Angeles working on several films, including a documentary directed by Academy Award winner Jessica Yu, Iris returned to Chicago to produce and direct her first documentary short, Of Kin and Kind, which tells the story of Andrew Suh, a man who, at the age of 19, was sentenced to a 100 year prison term for the shooting death of his older sister’s fiancé at her bidding. The film screened at the 2007 DisOrient Film Festival in Eugene, OR and the 2007 Chicago Underground Film Festival. The House of Suh is the full-length version of Of Kin and Kind and is Iris’ debut feature documentary.

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